About Us

Welcome to Perla Furniture!

Perla Furniture is an organic offshoot of Perla Sofa, a European company with years of furniture craftsmanship, design, & functionality for today’s living spaces. Perla Furniture is the sole importer & distributor of these Euro-Americana style high-end, moderate cost sofa sets, sectionals & armchairs & we are proud of the brand we have made our own.

We are a small highly motivated team who has learned the importance of meeting & exceeding customer expectations, a simple concept where many other companies fall short. As a tightly knit flat team operating transparently behind the scenes of our dynamic website, we continue to fine-tune what we do, how we do it & most importantly, how well we do it with every transaction. We are a personal company selling furniture to create intimate living spaces; a space that speaks to your comfort your vision, your home.